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Casamorati World Premiere at Bokeh South African International Fashion Film Festival

Casamorati 1888 collection counts 10 high-quality fragrances that offer a wide range of aromas and won the hearts of many perfume fans: The fresh, delicate and unique Flore dUlivo focuses on the beautiful scent of olive flowers illuminated with Italian citrus; the elegant La Tosca is based on violet leaves; the masculine fragrances Fiero (spicy-woody) and Mefisto (oriental) accentuate citrus; the gourmet delicacies include Bouquet Ideale, Lira and Gran Rallo; and Dama Biarca is an irresistibly elegant and powdery aroma.

The collection is characterized by the sophisticated compositions of each of the fragrances created in Xerjoff style. Casamorati does not offer bold and typical Oriental (Arab) compositions as we can find in other Xerjoff lines, but the Italian, classic, glamorous, contemporary style that is also very luxurious.

It is against this background that we at the Bokeh South African International Fashion Film Festival were honored to be able to show the Premiere of the Casamorati Fashion Film at the 2017 Red Carpet and Gala Event in Cape Town. The film was received with critical acclaim and went on to win Awards at both the La Jolla Fashion Film Festival and the Berlin Fashion Film Festival this year.
The creative team led by Director Michele Bizzi and Executive Producer Claudia Dilascia created a wonderful period piece that transports the viewer into a bygone age that celebrates the collection of fragrances in a fantasy story.
Both Claudia and Michele were present at the Cape Town event to introduce their Fashion Film at both the Gala Event and the Directors workshop.
We look forward to their next film being premiered at the 2018 Bokeh South African International Fashion Film Festival!
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