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Thank you for your interest in the 2022 Bokeh South Africa International Lifestyle & Fashion Film Festival. Please use this form to submit for Bokeh 2022. To submit a film for consideration, please read the below guidelines before completing subsequent application. If your film is selected, we may require additional information. 



Fashion/Beauty/Cool Brands and Products/Lifestyle/Trends

Designers/stylists/photographers (the work, process, inspiration, upcoming projects and collaborations, etc.) + Fashion Show (behind the scenes, production, etc.) + Fashion Bloggers/Models (a day in the life, behind the scenes shoots, etc.) + Look books on film (upcoming collections, from concept to completion, etc.) + Fast paced world of fashion PR and industry professionals + Store owners/online boutiques (behind the scened business) + Street style coverage/ Fashionable goods and brands /Apparel

International, Narrative, Documentary, Shorts, Experimental, Music videos

From 1 minute to 90 minutes long

Supply your movie URL for consideration

Applies to all films that are for general submissions and consideration.


The emerging talent section is aimed specifically at students who are producing Fashion Films on budgets of less than $750.00. Established brands may not enter this section as it is specifically aimed at uplifting the youth. (PLEASE BE MINDFUL WHEN SUBMITTING TO THIS CATEGORY AS THE SPIRIT OF THE FESTIVAL IS TO UPLIFT YOUNG TALENT.)

    By entering your film for screening at the Bokeh South African International Lifestyle & Fashion Film Festival (“the festival”) you confirm that you hold all rights/permissions in and to the submitted movie and for the submitted movie and all works, materials and other elements comprising and contained in the submitted movie. These include inter alia and without limitation, the worldwide rights in perpetuity in and to, and for, all music and music composed used or performed in the submitted movie, the cast and all performances by the members of the cast in the submitted movie, the use of any and all locations depicted or filmed or referred to in the submitted movie and all the broadcasting rights and any other rights relevant to or related to the screening, transmission or viewing of the submitted movie.

    By submitting the film/films to the festival you give express permission for, and hereby authorise, the submitted movie and its constituting material to be considered for selection and nomination, and agree that under no circumstance may the film/films be withdrawn once submitted.

    You warrant that in any case of rights dispute, or legal dispute or legal proceedings pertaining to submitted movie, you will be solely liable for all legal costs incurred by any and all parties concerned. . By entering into this agreement and by submitting the film to the festival, you grant Dennis Lazarus Agencies (Pty) Ltd trading as Bokeh South Africa International Fashion Film Festival (“Bokeh”), its sponsors, associates, affiliates, directors, employees, sub-contractors  consultants (as the case may be), the unfettered and irrevocable right and license to at any time use your film and/or clips from your film, and any constituent parts thereof, for any and all promotional, marketing and advertising purposes in connection with Bokeh and the Festival in perpetuity and throughout the world, including, but not limited to all mediums inclusive of Broadcast TV, Print and Online. Without limiting the aforesaid right and license granted, these purposes may involve the fulfilment of any of the festival’s  sponsors  affairs pertaining to or relevant to the  festival.

    You, as an authorised representative of the film hereby also agree subject to your availability and the sponsor covering all costs of travel and accommodation, to attend and participate in any event or events at which the sponsors may in writing require your attendance for purposes of promoting or marketing the festival or promoting or marketing the submitted movie in relation to the festival .

    You hereby unconditionally warrant and represent that you are authorised and able to commit your film for screening at the festival and to grant the all rights and permissions referred to in this agreement and you  accordingly indemnify and hold harmless Bokeh, its sponsors, associates, affiliates, directors, employees, sub-contractors, consultants (as the case may be) against any and all claims, liabilities, losses, damages and expenses, whether direct, consequential or incidental and of whatsoever nature and howsoever arising, including, but not limited to, any claims arising in or from copyright law or trademark infringement and/or for any losses  or damage(s) in respect of or relating to the content submitted.

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