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Send us your treatment (pitch), and you could be one of the 10 lucky teams to create an award winning Fashion Film!

We, in Partnership with the Gauteng Film Commission hereby invite you – as the Creative Genius that you are – to form collaborative, local teams of Students and NEW graduates in the following disciplines:



Film/Video/Music Videos

Copy Writing

Make up


Editing and Special Effects


Acting and Modelling


STEP 1: Create a Team of Creative Geniuses that you are!

STEP 2: Build a Treatment that makes our heads spin!

STEP 3: Submit your Fashion Film Pitch!


We encourage you to use all the resources you have at your disposal, to the best of your ability, go all out and deliver the most outstanding Fashion Film possible, after all this is your opportunity to expose your talent on a worldwide stage. So don’t be shy and take advantage of professionals in your own networks that can mentor you and assist you in making your film (but please don’t allow them to take over or hijack your project – they should be there to assist you and offer advice, guidance and resources where possible). We will also be there as support and guidance when needed.


The Fine Print (guidelines):


Submit your pitch/treatment to us before Tuesday the 23rd June 2020..

*Please note this category is only open to Residents Of South Africa and Creatives who are breaking into the industry or have been in the industry for less than three years.


The theme for the 2019 ECT is: “The White Room”.

Anything and Everything has happened in a White Room. What’s your story? Who was there? What happened? Did anyone get out?



Please note that the final submitted Fashion Film is to be 90 seconds long excluding credits, with a 15 second cut down (no credits here please).


As all Fashion Films in a competition need some direction, the entered films MUST include ALL of the following SUPPLIED props:


  • A “Friends” couch
  • A Carpet/Rug
  • Coffee Table
  • A Table Lamp
  • A tea set and a small porcelain ornament
  • A Crochet Tea Pot Cosy
  • A really disturbed painting we found for you at a flea market
  • Old TV set and Bunny Ears Aerial
  • A pair of White Havaianas Sandals
  • A Variety of Face Masks from ArtLab. Please go and choose the 3 you would like here and attach the images in your treatment.


These props are all to be used with your own interpretation but must ALL be included in the final film.

You may also include any extra props you wish to supply yourselves.


The Top 10 teams will be announced on Tuesday the 30th June 2020 and

Pre-Production will be from date of announcement until your team’s shoot date;

Due to the current Covid-19 lockdown, we can only confirm the shoot once we get the go-ahead from the Government. You will have ample time to prepare for the shoots.

Each team will have only 10 hours to shoot your entire film in one single day.

All shoots will be in a white studio with a white curve.

The postproduction will commence the day after your shoot and all films must be submitted by the submission date that is still to be confirmed.


Bokeh will supply the Cameras and Lenses for all shoots. All films are to be shot on the supplied camera in HD.

The film is to be edited and delivered in HD via Wetransfer or Drop Box. We will specify codecs at a later date.



Bokeh can supply limited assistance with the following upon approval:


Camera and Lighting


Sealed Lunch and Sealed Basic Craft will be available to the team members on set


Due to Covid-19 no more than 10 people will be allowed on the shoot for each team. This includes all crew and cast.

We will advise on the safety protocol and procedures for each shoot day closer to the shoot date.


As all the films in this category may be featured both Locally & Internationally on TV, we will require release forms for all cast, crew, locations and music – for all films. (Release forms to be supplied by Bokeh on request)


Please use only Released Music or Original music that you have the rights to, for the Festival and Broadcast! THIS IS SUPER IMPORTANT!




The genre of Fashion Film can be any of the following – (please see references below as examples.)


Day in the Life

Music Video

Product Placement

Experimental(be careful here – don’t alienate the judging panel – don’t be too weird – and make sure you exclude all models wandering in nature looking at their reflections or leaves!)

Fashion Documentary

Do NOT produce a Look Book Fashion Film or a Fashion Show Backstage Fashion Film!



We will require a one minute Behind the Scenes Video to be shot and edited of the Production day.

Please use only Released Music or Original music for this BTS, that you have the rights to, for the Festival and Broadcast! THIS IS SUPER IMPORTANT!


Please specify which team member will be responsible for the BTS shoot.

The HD edit of the BTS to be supplied before the festival – we shall advise this date in due course.





The Treatment:


The Treatment is to include Style, Look & Feel, Dialogue (if any) and Shot Lists.

Please include your ArtLab masks choice. These can all be the same or different.

Please also include other fashion/film references.


Please specify names and roles of your entire team.

(If you are missing a key person, please speak to us and see if we can assist in connecting you). 

On approval of the final films, we will start the shoot and edit process directly with you.

We are happy to take a look at your proposals before you submit them – please feel free to call Festival Director,

Adrian Lazarus on 082 9734673


All submissions to be in PDF format and to be mailed to:

The Subject should read: Emerging Creative Award/Treatment- 2020


Bokeh will appoint the judges, and the Winning Director will receive the Official Trophy on behalf of the team.

The winning team is to share the R30 000 prize equally to all members who did not get remunerated during the shoot.


All selected films are to be shown at Bokeh 2020 with the Directors being given the opportunity to present them at the Directors’ workshop and viewings at the V&A Waterfront in Cape Town!

This may be in the form of a personal appearance or by way of a pre-recorded video introduction.


Please do not make this Fashion Film a political platform. This Fashion Film is not to be used as a “soapbox” for a cause.

There are other platforms better suited for that genre.

Please note: NO Pornography, NO Hate Speech, NO Racism and NO Explicit Violence

We are very excited to see what you come up with, Wishing You The Best of Luck!!


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